You’re a teacher. You’re a writer.

You’re going to change lives with your words.

Your book is your vehicle to do that. It is your masterpiece, your baby. You’ve spent hours on end writing, researching, and editing to perfection and you are ready to release your work into the world.

If you are ready to jumpstart your book marketing, you need a professionally designed book to grab readers’ eyes and convert them to buyers.

Your cover is the first thing they will see, and the first information they have to decide if they like your book or not. A professional designer will work with you to craft the perfect welcoming marketing message for your book, as well as the beautiful interiors your eBook deserves.

I’m not just a designer. I’m a reader. I want to be your biggest fan, your ally and help more readers find your work and be influenced by your brilliance. Your book cover is the single most important marketing you can do for your book — it will be the thumbnail that attracts attention when a reader is browsing, it will be the image that accompanies your readers’ word-of-mouth recommendations.

Your book cover is what makes you stand out. Your words are what make you fans for life. Let me help you with that first step.




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Professional book design will be your best investment in promoting your book

Marketing isn’t always easy — especially for creatives like us. Let your book cover do a lot of the work for you by teaming up with a skilled and experienced designer. With a meticulous, professional design, readers will be drawn to your book instead of others, be excited to read it, and be pre-disposed to review it favorably.

Whether you are looking for just a simple cover to upload to Amazon, or a full, linked, pdf with accompanying workbook, I will tailor any design to meet your needs.





How can I make your eBook awesome? 

Whether you are creating a complex PDF sales brochure, an opt-in, a eBook course, or writing your next novel, I’ve got you covered!


Need full branding for your class or eBook? Check out my logo design services!

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You might be thinking ….

“Why can’t I just layout my book in Microsoft Word?” OR “I can just design my own cover. I have Photoshop. I can use Canva, it’s free!”

You could. That’s true. You could also do your own plumbing because you have a wrench or do your own tattooing because you have a needle and ink. There are somethings that are just too important to be DIY, and your book’s design is one of them. My skills and experience are yours to take advantage of. Level-up your book’s marketing by hiring a professional.

“I don’t want readers to judge my book by its cover.”

I totally understand. Most writers feel the same way — they want their words and ideas to stand on their own merit. Unfortunately, book marketing is not a meritocracy. Readers will be scrolling through long Amazon lists just waiting for a tiny thumbnail to catch their eye. Readers will be browsing Instagram and stop on that one gorgeous book styled with a cup of tea. Many readers will decide they like or do not like your book just based on the very first impression of the cover. Make sure yours is the best.

“I hate thinking about marketing. I just want to write.” 

My friend, you are not alone. Which is why hiring a professional designer for your cover and interior pages is so smart. You still have full control over your book and it’s message, but you are outsourcing the heavy lifting of crafting the visual message.


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