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This project, I call it “Project Safari” in my mind, is by far one of my favorite memory keeping projects that I have ever completed– and it’s not even with my memories!

A bit of the backstory: I have to start this off by telling you how much of an amazing woman my grandmother is.  When she retired from teaching several years ago, she didn’t just sit around the house– no, she became (and continues to be) one of the most active, involved, and well traveled people that I know of any age.  In the past 5 years, she’s been all around the USA, taken a cruise along the Panama Canal, and, best of all, took a three week long African safari vacation last spring. The minute she got back, she and I started discussing ways that should could document her trip.  I promised her I would help, but with everything going on throughout the year (we bought a house, I had a crazy busy internship, I started a new job…) it kept getting put off… like many other memory projects. I decided I was going to complete the entire project for her as her Christmas present.

I split up Project Safari into two parts– a Blurb photo book and a different kind of photo album, which I’ll explain later.


The Plan, Part 1 (The Photobook):  My grandmother had gotten several custom photo books from my aunt of my adorable cousins for Christmas presents, etc, and she loved them, so she decided that she most DEFINITELY wanted a custom photo book as a “coffee table book.” I immediately thought of Blurb books and how much I’d loved the books I’ve made in the past. The only problem? Grandma had decided she wanted to do something with every single one of the photos that she took on her trip. Which was over 500 pictures. Waaaaay too many to put in a Blurb book — at least in the way I wanted to showcase the photos (full page photos).  So, I decided that I would chose 5o of the “best” photos that were most representative of her trip and used the super easy Blurb bookmaking software to quickly get the 50 best pictures into an 8×10 coffee table book. I love how simple and gorgeous the book is, and how it’s a nice, quick, snapshot of her amazing trip. Check out some of the pages below:







I’m so completely impressed with this book– the quality is amazing, and my grandmother LOVES the book. It’s proudly displayed on her coffee table, and she loves to pull it out and show people her trip. Project Safari: The Photo Book is a success!


 Have you taken a trip that you still need to document? Why not create a Blurb book?

I’m a Blurb affiliate, so be sure to contact me, if you would like to use a discount code! (Being a Blurb affiliate also means I earn a small percentage if you purchase through my links. Thank you for helping support Alexandra Rae Design!)

Be sure to check out the second part of this “Project Safari” where I managed to use every single one of the 500+ pictures from the trip!



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