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One of my very favorite projects, to date, that I’ve ever worked on is the development of a local clothing line called “Made in the 419” with one of our local online newspapers.  “419” is my area code– I was born here, raised here, went to college in the same area code (even if it was 2 hours away!), and got the lucky opportunity to move back here.  The area is close to my heart, and so when the opportunity came up to design a line all around the 419, I jumped at the chance.

The original line and brand launched last fall– we developed “brand basic” items that would star reinforcing the brand and shouting “Made in the 419” from the rooftops.

Made in the 419

I got the chance to not only design the entire t-shirt/sweatshirt/onesie line, but to also help brand the entire website.  What’s even cooler is that the favorite concept that was pitched was all “handdrawn” elements… and so it’s all my handwriting. Which, I have to say, is the coolest thing to see– people walking around wearing your handwriting on their t-shirt, to go to a website and see it as the header… it’s just the coolest feeling.

This spring, I got the chance to design several new “lines” of shirts.

We live in an unusual area– part of the town is very rural (think FFA clubs!) , the other part is very industrial (we’re called “The Rust Belt.”)  We wanted to play on both of those things in this line, and also represent some iconic “419” things. . . and there’s drinking glasses. How cool is that?!

I’m so excited to see what we come up with for the next line of “Made in the 419” items!

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