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Back in December, I starting working a couple of days a week as the graphic designer at our church.  It was an exciting time to start working there, because we also had a new pastor (for the first time in 18 years, since the church was founded!) coming in in January. To kick off the new year and our new pastor, we did a church-wide Prayer & Fast.  This was my first big project there, and I’m so excited with how it turned out!

We needed something that could function well as a 8.5×11 print-out or download, as well as a small booklet. The finished size of the printed booklet ended up being 5.5″ by about 6.75″– perfect for sticking our Bibles and pulling out for the daily reading and devotion.

ARD | Prayer Fasting

ARD | Prayer Fasting
ARD | Prayer Fasting

ARD | Prayer Fasting

I love how it turned out!  In addition to this being one of my first projects for a new job, I also had an incredibly personal connection to the Fast. My husband, Ben, and I decided to give up soda pop for our fast.  My addiction to soda was getting pretty extreme– I knew it would be hard, but it was SO worth it. I’ve tried to cut it out before, but was never successful. This time I was not only successful, but I’ve continued my “pop fast” even after the 21 days was up. It was a nice jump start to a “healthier living” plan that Ben and I are starting.  One step (and one day!) at a time.

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