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documentthanksI’ve been getting overwhelmed and a little cynical lately. I blame a lot of it on the lack of sunlight that I (don’t) see for most of the work day, but my massive to do list and the internet (and retail) world’s tendency to rush right into the Christmas holidays might be contributing to that too.

I’ve determined that this week, I’m going to be THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for the wonderful things in my life. And since I have a need to document everything in my life, I’m going to DOCUMENT IT.

Every day for this week, I’m going to be filling out a card (I’m using my Thankful Card set) with reasons why I’m thankful and grateful.  I’ll be sharing my reasons on instagram (and probably twitter and facebook too) everyday, and I invite you to do the same. Use the hashtag #documentThanks to follow along and join in on the happy.

Let’s make this week full of HAPPY by being THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for what we have. 


In honor of #documentThanks, I’ll be putting my Thankful Cards on sale for 30% off with the code DOCUMENTTHANKS. Pick up a set and join in on the fun!


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