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ARD-Memories-Unlimited- LOGO


Since scrapbooking is part of my “other life,” I always get excited when I have scrapbooking logo clients. . . kindred hearts and all!  I was so excited to get the chance to design Kim’s logo for her company, Memories Unlimited.  I loved the mood board that Kim came up with, and it was quick for us to zero in on exactly what she wanted in a logo.  The results are sweet, nostalgic, and fun… much like scrapbooks!

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My Small Business Story | The Why

Alexandra Rae Design | This is my story

I think in months like May and June, we tend to do as much reflecting about years past as we do in December– especially “school” type reflections.  This year marks 8 years since I’ve graduated high school and 4 years since I’ve graduated college. A friend said to me the other day, “College freshmen have come and gone since you graduated.” Whoa. Way to make me feel old!  Looking back, I’m a little shocked at where I am today, because it’s certainly not where I expected to end up– and I think that, eight and four years later, a lot of my high school and college friends could say the exact same thing.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past month going back through my archives of my blog, going through my past journals and scrapbooks, and doing a lot of thinking.  I think it is so important to share (or at least write down!) our stories (It’s one of the main reasons I’m a scrapbooker!) I think it’s so important to share our paths of how we got from point A to point B.  I think we can learn a lot from each other– even if our paths aren’t the same, there’s something to be gained from each step.  Often times, we are in so much over our heads in thatverymoment that we often don’t see what lessons or skills can be learned from that phase in life. I know I am guilty of that– especially when I was suffering through jobs right out of college that I hated. Advice for you: It gets better. Keep truck’n on.

I’m going to be sharing a bit about my “path” throughout next month, and I encourage you to jump in and do the same. If you do write about your path, link up to your posts in the comments! I can’t wait to read about the path you’re building, and I hope you feel the same way!

This series is inspired by Elise Blaha-Cripe’s Small Business Story, and prompted by The Ladders, who are encouraging bloggers to share advice for new graduates entering the workforce.  

From the Design Files | YA Promotional Materials

When I shared the YA logo that I designed for Crossroads’ new Young Adult Ministry, I also mentioned that I was tasked with coming up with some cool, trendy promotional materials as well. I’m thrilled with what Aaron, the YA Pastor, and I came up with together– it was truly a collaborative effort, and I so admire his style and vision. I think we created something great!

To kick it all off and to really promote the event, we needed to create posters and program inserts– really spread the word in a big way. There was a lot of information we needed to convey, but we wanted the design to feel simple.
YA poster4

We wanted the design to feel really cohesive across all the platforms where we needed to share the kick off information– Facebook, twitter, our instagram, as well as the church website. Translating something from a huge poster to a smaller web graphic is always a fun adventure!




I’m thrilled with what Aaron pushed me to come up with, and I love how it stretched me to a new style.  I was thrilled with both the design AND the ministry kick off!

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From the Design Files | Real Food NP Logo

RealFoodNP-Logo-FINALI was so excited when Martha of Real Food NP reached out to me, in need of a new logo. Her mood board was so much fun– full of bright colors, fun fonts, and food icons.  I loved that Martha specifically requested pairing brush fonts and serif fonts together— it made my design heart so happy!

I loved every single version of the logo that I created for Martha– It was so hard for ME to pick a favorite, and Martha had an even harder time!  I love what she chose, and I am so happy to see the logo “in action” on her (awesome!) site!

RealFood-Identity Guide

Get the fonts:  Heartwell  •  Josefin Slab


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From the Design Files | Young Adult Ministry Logo


One of the most exciting projects I’ve had the chance to work on (so far!)  while working for Crossroads is getting the chance to design graphics and logos for the new Young Adult Ministry that Crossroads recently launched.  The launch service was a fantastic success, and I can’t wait to see what develops!

Since this was a new ministry, we had to develop everything from scratch– logos, promotional graphics, everything.  It had to have a consistent look that we wouldn’t mind using for months or years to come, as well fit in with the overall feel of Crossroads– but still be different enough to stand on it’s own!

We wanted a logo that was simple, but still felt modern and graphic.  I’m thrilled with what we came up with! I love it even more at the end of this awesome video our Videographer created– I love seeing it animated!


From the Design Files | The Portland Girl

I was so excited to have the chance to work with Anna Long again when she approached me about creating a logo for her new sugaring and skincare studio, The Portland Girl. We created a really fun logo, and several really cool promotional pieces as well— I love the imagery that we came up with for the bikini waxing!  So much fun! PortlandGirl-Feature

I love the names that Anna and her partner came up with for the types of bikini waxes– they lended to some fun and creative images– perfect for a promotional postcard!


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From the Design Files | Beta Lab

I don’t remember how I first connected with Anna Long, but I’m so glad I did. She is a phenomenal business coach, and has some of the best ideas and encouragement around. After we connected, Anna approached me about designing the eBook and brand identity for her new course, Beta Lab.  It was such a fun project to take on– Anna kept pushing me to make the eBook/Workbook more and more fun. I love clients who continue to push, challenge, and brainstorm with me to make the end product better and better!

We designed both a logo and a workbook to go along with the amazing sales page that Ffion created, and I love how it all turned out– it’s bright and fun, and it’s one of my favorite things I’ve designed this year!






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From the Design Files | Made in the 419

One of my very favorite projects, to date, that I’ve ever worked on is the development of a local clothing line called “Made in the 419” with one of our local online newspapers.  “419” is my area code– I was born here, raised here, went to college in the same area code (even if it was 2 hours away!), and got the lucky opportunity to move back here.  The area is close to my heart, and so when the opportunity came up to design a line all around the 419, I jumped at the chance.

The original line and brand launched last fall– we developed “brand basic” items that would star reinforcing the brand and shouting “Made in the 419” from the rooftops.

Made in the 419

I got the chance to not only design the entire t-shirt/sweatshirt/onesie line, but to also help brand the entire website.  What’s even cooler is that the favorite concept that was pitched was all “handdrawn” elements… and so it’s all my handwriting. Which, I have to say, is the coolest thing to see– people walking around wearing your handwriting on their t-shirt, to go to a website and see it as the header… it’s just the coolest feeling.

This spring, I got the chance to design several new “lines” of shirts.

We live in an unusual area– part of the town is very rural (think FFA clubs!) , the other part is very industrial (we’re called “The Rust Belt.”)  We wanted to play on both of those things in this line, and also represent some iconic “419” things. . . and there’s drinking glasses. How cool is that?!

I’m so excited to see what we come up with for the next line of “Made in the 419” items!

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My Favorite (free and paid!) Photo Resources

Alexandra Rae Design | My favorite (free and paid!) stock photo resources

In my line of work (designing, blogging, art journaling, scrapbooking…) I am constantly using images– photographs, vectors, patterns…  While I try my absolute hardest to use images I create myself, photographs are often times the hardest to “create from scratch,” since the ideas my clients (and let’s be real, myself!) have are often very specific and hard to replicate without a huge studio session or a trip to Europe. To solve those issues, I sometimes turn to “stock” photos.

What is  stock photography? 
Stock photography is the supply of photographs, which are often licensed for specific uses. It is used to fulfill the needs of creative assignments instead of hiring a photographer, often for a lower cost. Today,stock images can be presented in searchable online databases. They can be purchased and delivered online.

There are a ton of stock photography websites hanging around the web, but they are not all created equally. I’ve complied a list of my favorite sites (with both free and paid options!) to grab images when I need them. 

Just a caution, not all stock photography has the same licensing–just because you purchase or download a photo does not give you the right to use it for everything. Be sure to read the fine print in the licensing for the photographs you download– or for more information on how you can use different licenses, check out the Creative Commons site.


Creative Market 

I love Creative Market.  They are my new favorite resource for vectors, fonts, and photos.  They have 6 free downloads every week, and quiet often, at least one is a photo pack or photo preset. They have a great search function, and you can buy things “one off” or buy credits.  Every month or so, they also offer bundles that are $40 or less, and they often have several photo packs in there as well. It’s always an awesome value!


Death to the Stock Photo 

This is one of my very favorite “stock” photo sites, from one of my very favorite (and local to me, which is even cooler!) creatives, Allie Lehman. I say “stock” because these are so much better than most stock photo sites.  From their site: “…we noticed an less-than-awesome industry pattern: too many extraordinary brands, bloggers, and creatives struggled to find images that fit their vibe + tribe…. The goal? To help more brands create rich digital experiences that elevated their visual aesthetic… without shelling out wads of cash, or their sanity.”  You can sign up for their monthly free photo packs or their premium option– both are amazingly wonderful. I cannot recommend the premium version enough!


I’ve only recently found Lightstock, but I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve seen.  The photos are gorgeous, and beautifully curated. They are 90% Christian-faith focused, (which I have a large need for, working for a church!) but they aren’t “cheesy” church graphics.  They offer a free photo and vector every week if you sign up for an account with them!


Shutterstock is my favorite “traditional” stock photo site.  They have a great library of images and vectors, a great search function, and you can even add photos you like to curated “lightboxes.”  They have several different purchasing options and plans, as well as two free images available on their blog every week.


Unsplash is one of my very favorite finds. All of the photos are 100% free to use under the Creative Commons license. And 100% FREE too! There are so many gorgeous pictures– I can (and do!) spend hours paging through the site. They release new photos every 10 days– you can keep checking back on the site, or sign up for their email and be notified. There’s no real way to “search” through all the gorgeous photos for something specific, but I think it’s worth scrolling through pages and pages of gorgeous photos to find something you want to use.


These are my favorite sites to use— did I leave your favorite site off the list?  Is there a site I should check out? Do you use stock photography, or hate it with a passion? Leave a note in the comments with your favorite stock sites!  

Designed | Prayer & Fasting Guide

iPad-prayer Fast

Back in December, I starting working a couple of days a week as the graphic designer at our church.  It was an exciting time to start working there, because we also had a new pastor (for the first time in 18 years, since the church was founded!) coming in in January. To kick off the new year and our new pastor, we did a church-wide Prayer & Fast.  This was my first big project there, and I’m so excited with how it turned out!

We needed something that could function well as a 8.5×11 print-out or download, as well as a small booklet. The finished size of the printed booklet ended up being 5.5″ by about 6.75″– perfect for sticking our Bibles and pulling out for the daily reading and devotion.

ARD | Prayer Fasting

ARD | Prayer Fasting
ARD | Prayer Fasting

ARD | Prayer Fasting

I love how it turned out!  In addition to this being one of my first projects for a new job, I also had an incredibly personal connection to the Fast. My husband, Ben, and I decided to give up soda pop for our fast.  My addiction to soda was getting pretty extreme– I knew it would be hard, but it was SO worth it. I’ve tried to cut it out before, but was never successful. This time I was not only successful, but I’ve continued my “pop fast” even after the 21 days was up. It was a nice jump start to a “healthier living” plan that Ben and I are starting.  One step (and one day!) at a time.

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