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I’m so excited that this weekend is the beginning of March… why? Because #30lists March is starting up! And that means we get to have a BLOG HOP to celebrate! (Pssst. There might be a giveaway too!)

So what is #30lists? Basically, it’s the best (and easiest!) journaling challenge around. 30 List prompts over the month on a private blog, with the best community I’ve seen. It’s so much fun to look through the private blogs of past challenges and see all of the ambassadors and sponsors share their lists…. and then I head over to the private Facebook group and check out everyone else’s! There’s always someone sharing a list there.  There’s so much creativity and passion in this community, and I am beyond excited to get started March 1st with a whole new challenge!


For the blog hop today, we are using the FREE prompts from the first #30lists challenge, way back in March of 2011. . 

Here’s my list:

What I’m looking forward to:  • warmer weather • the snow melting • China’s visit! • my studio finally being organized! • A possible “girl’s vacation” and beach wedding • Frozen coming out on DVD! • Our summer “weekend trips” we have planned • Running outside • Our gallery wall being finished • Seeing Sonia this summer • Warmer weather (yes. it’s listed twice. I need sun.) • Michigan in August

Win a spot !   Want to join in the listing fun? Would you like to win a spot in #30 Lists March 2014?  Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win a FREE SPOT and join in all the fun! (But don’t hesitate to register now– Amy and Kam can refund you if you win a spot– and there’s giveaways and fun stuff happening on the private blog now so you don’t want to wait! Register now!)
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Hop along!  Be sure to “hop along” to the other ambassadors for this round to see what lists they chose to share! And I think maybe, just maybe,  they might have a few chances for you to win a spot in #30lists March too!

Be sure to visit…

Also: #30Lists Self Paced Challenges are now Available!

Did you miss the past editions of #30lists? Can’t wait to get started for March 2014? You’re in luck! They now have all the past editions of #30lists available as self paced challenges!

What do you get with the self-paced challenge?

  • A welcome letter from Amy and Kam
  • Immediate access to the 30 Days of Lists – September 2013 private site
  • All 30 lists on one handy sheet – linking to the original posts

Each edition of the #30Lists challenge is available as a self-paced challenge. That means you can get access to lists from September 2011, March 2012, September 2012, March 2013, and September 2013 individually! No need to miss out on your favorite challenge, you can work on it on your own time. With the new self-paced challenge, the bundle pack is now updated to include 5 editions of 30 Days of Lists — 300 list prompts in total! The bundle pack is at a discounted rate, so you can enjoy all the lists for one low price! Buy the BUNDLE pack of lists for only $28

Wow! So much fun! Can’t wait to see your lists for #30Lists March!


About Allie

Allie Trumpower of Alexandra Rae Design is a God-loving designer,  photographer, and a memory keeper. She loves list making, snail mail, great design, memory keeping, pinterest, twitter, and instagram.


  1. says

    Oops, comment went through before I was finished!! As for the DIY projects I wanna do this year.. hmm lets see! 1. Finish PL for 2013 AND 2014. 2. Stain my wooden crates. 3. Create a DIY series on my blog. 4. Add fabric backing to my expedits. 5. Create a gallery wall!!!

  2. Michelle O says

    DIY projects for this year –
    1. Tiling the kitchen back splash
    2. organizing the mud room
    3. new / different shelves in the laundry closet

  3. Pat says

    Looking forward to the March challenge! Spring seems to be coming early for us, but I can’t wait for even warmer weather too.

  4. Margaret Spencer says

    DIY – some things just scare me, some look so easy, but…, creating a new crafting space in my kitchen work/store area, establishing a blog, try some art journaling,

  5. Lisa says

    LOVE your list. Warmth/sun are top on mine. Not that I am looking forward to it, but we MUST get our laundry room tiled. The old linoleum floor is pealing and looks horrible

  6. Chrisanthy says

    Oh my! I am such a lister! Guess that’s partly due to being a Virgo :) would live to join this challenge. It sounds like fun!

  7. says

    Love 30 lists!

    DIY projects I want to try this year: making a t-shirt quilt, turning old wine bottles into lights, and learning icing techniques for cakes and cookies.

  8. Erin Kobs says

    DIY projects… Well, i’m going to paint my whole house this year, maybe try recovering an arm chair, build a sofa table of some kind.

  9. Janie says

    {List of DIY Projects I’d Like to Try This Year}

    -1- Shampoo and Conditioner recipes
    -2- Fridge Mats
    -3- Reusable Snack Bag
    -4- Headband
    -5- Apron

  10. Janie says

    oops pressed submit to fast. I am happy to have discovered this blog and love the concept of lists! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  11. says

    Hmmm. Here’s my list of DIY stuffs I want to do!
    *Paint miniatures for gaming
    *Knit a hat/beanie/something like that
    *Paint a canvas and hang it up in my living room
    *Sew a costume to wear at a nerdy convention such as Dragon Con

    Just registered for 30days of lists, I’m super excited!! Also, this is my first time reading your blog, and I love that your name is Alexandra and listed your blog as Allie; that’s my family nickname! Nice to meet you :)

  12. Brenda Smith says

    I have an endless list of DIYs on my wish list. I’d like to make decorations for my daughter’s 4th birthday in April. I’d like to paint our kitchen and foyer, perhaps with a quatrefoil stenciled design. And I’d like to do some basic geometric paintings for hanging around the house.

  13. Annie says

    I’m getting ready to have baby number two in early May and we have just moved, so my list of DIY projects is small and manageable! I’d like to knit a baby blanket for the new babe and keep up with my fourth year of Project Life.

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