About Me


You’re conflicted…

On the one hand you’re bursting with excitement because you have such an awesome idea—an eBook!  A workbook! A great new service or course!!—and you’ve your copy and concept down… but you’re frustrated because you just can’t make it look as pretty and as functional as it needs to be.

I get it. This pretty much sums up all of my clients. You rock, you just don’t know how to make your design rock. But lucky for you, I do!


Hi, I’m Allie and I’ve got the awesome design skills you need.

The 411:

I’ve spent years studying design, photography, and marketing.  I’ve even got the degree to show for it!  When I’m not designing digitally, I’m crafting and creating. In fact, my design style is heavily influenced by my love of scrapbooking (think– Digital glitter, patterns, bright colors, and a fun feel to your project– these are my jam)

Because great design… doesn’t have to be boring!

I want your designs to feel like YOU.  I know you’re fun and your eBooks, logos, and images should reflect that.  When you hire me, I help you to uncover your style, so that your design will look more like your Pinterest board and less like your messy closet!